2020 In-Focus: Unprecedented Accurate Presidential Election Predictor

The election is wide open and other things traditional polls won’t tell you… Welcome to our monthly 2020 US Presidential Election tracker. We have partnered with RIWI to bring monthly updates on which party Americans think will win in their state, which candidate they personally prefer, and an interesting insight from our data. RIWI accuratelyContinue reading “2020 In-Focus: Unprecedented Accurate Presidential Election Predictor”

Meet Goggle.com

Here at Goggle.com Inc. we strive to provide a timely, professional, accurate pulse of the wisdom of the crowd. Our prediction results speak for themselves, proving a track-record that will amaze. Partnering with RIWI, with their proprietary, patented technology, goggle.com helps capture streams of privacy-compliant opinion data in any region of the world. Engaging theContinue reading “Meet Goggle.com”